Monday, March 23, 2009

Three Generations

My mom won a beauty contest featured in LOOK Magazine with her photo pictured here. My grandmother was a beauty. She had those white stripes in her hair for as long as I can ever remember. And she always wore a dress. She never owned a pair of trousers.


  1. Love the pictures, Cheryl! Look at you, all energetic and excited about life!

  2. Lovely photos Cheryl. You and your mom have such an inviting twinkle in your eyes, like you have a great secret....

  3. I have about 3 dozen grey hairs coming out from one stop a couple inches above my hairline from when I was drilled by a carptenter's plumb bob at the age of eleven. They surround my little scar.

    The pictures are precious.

  4. Thanks, girls!

    Anita, isn't that the oddest thing? I went to school with a girl with a white stripe in the side of her hair.