Thursday, March 05, 2009

It was a busy day over at Petticoats and Pistols yesterday - thanks to all who stopped by Wildflower Junction! I appreciate you.

Observant visitors will already have noticed that I changed my blog header this week. I'm so eager for spring, I had my husband haul up my Easter decor. He calls it "bunny world." So, okay the Easter bunny is definitely alive and well at our house. It's another of those collections that I got hooked on and didn't quit until it was too late. I don't add to the bunnies any longer - not to say I wouldn't accept a gift bunny of it looked me in the eye--mouth--ear--whatever.

So I'm going to be sharing bunny world with you off an on. Mostly on. You get the drift. The blog header features one of my favorite teapots and three shiny mother-of-pearl-ish china bunnies.

The photo in this post is of the top of my antique bureau, which sits just inside my front door.

I couldn't post a blog subject because blogger is currently on a rampage and keeps changing my subject into gibberish.


  1. Cheryl, I thought your blog header picture had changed, but then wondered if I hadn't paid attention before. It's lovely!

    The parade of pics from Bunny World will be fun. The little brown one in the left of this picture is so darling. I love the way one of its ears is turned, as if listening, and the shape of it.

    Now, I have to ask... Do you like to go to flea markets? Your question yesterday has had me curious.

  2. Awww...The bunnies are so cute. I noticed your header on here the other day and wondered if they were things from your own collection. I love trinkets with pearl-iridescence. Absolutely beautiful! (I have a pair of creamy iridescent cats my grandma gave me years ago.)

    Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see more!

  3. Magdelena, I adore flea markets. Do have a local one? I'll post a couple of links to my flea market blogs.

    Cher :-)

  4. Hi Taryn! I would love to see a picture of the cats your grandma gave you.

  5. I'll be interested in reading about your flea market adventures.

    As it is, I basically live in a house-shaped flea market. Because we have SO MUCH stuff, I seldom buy anything that isn't consumable. This is also a reason I love ebooks so much.

  6. I want to come to your house! I'll bring tea. (cups, napkins, dishes...)

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