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Perhaps trying to be current and original, a couple from Monterrey, Mexico, named their new baby daughter Krisis Mundial, which means 'world crisis' in Spanish, but is spelled with a 'K' instead of a 'C'. Yes, everyone around the world is facing economic crisis, and in some cases political crisis too, but is this naming a sign that things have gone too far?

Most people feel that selecting a name for your child should be a serious decision, where one lists many options, listens to opinions from friends and family, and hopefully arrives at a wise and 'perfect' name for the baby. The name you choose will be the distinctive 'mark' for that person as the grow into adulthood, following her throughout, and that's why sometimes people try too hard to be unique. But, how far should one take this substantial power and liberty to select the name of your offspring?

The Office of Vital Records in Mexico does not seem to have any objections when it comes to registering weird names that are submitted on birth certificates. Truth be told, the news of this couple naming their daughter 'Krisis Mundial' is not an isolated event.

In Monterrey, Mexico, there are birth certificates with other unconventional names, such as Tarzan or Grangelia. But Mexico is not the only country where this happens. In Ecuador there is also people with peculiar names along the vein. In a little village called Chone, a judge who was born during World War II was named Adolfo Hitler Flores de Valgas. This could not have been possible in Germany, where there are laws against naming children "Adolf Hitler" and "Osama bin Laden."

Chone is a town where strange names are a common thing. If you ever visit, you could enjoy meeting and chatting with locals who carry names such as Burger King, Alí Baba or Vick Vaporup. Unfortunately, this is not a joke. Our advice to new parents everywhere: please, do not choose a name from the following list if you want your child to lead a happy life, free of snarky comments and strange looks.

Other unusual and real names. Really!: Alka Seltzer, Selva Alegre (Happy Jungle), Sostenes (Brassiere), Ángel Cristo (Angel Christ), Poderoso Melchor (Powerful Melchor), Semiencanto (Semi charming), Circuncisión (Circumcision), John Kennedy, Perfecta Heroína (Perfect Heroine), Usmail (as in USA Mail), Usnavy (as in USA Navy).

Weird Baby Names Facts - In 2007, Sweden refused to allow a couple to name their daughter "Metallica," in honor of the superstar heavy rock group. However, under newly relaxed rules, Metallica is now a perfectly acceptable choice in Sweden. Parents still cannot name their children with swear words for names or name them God, Allah or Devil.

- In July, 2008, David Partin and his then-pregnant girlfriend Samantha Bailey, agreed to sell the rights to his unborn son's name to an Orlando radio station for a $100 gas card. Two morning show hosts planned to name the baby after themselves, "Dixon and Willoughby."

- Last year, New Zealand authorities blocked a couple's bid to officially name their new son "4Real," saying numerals are not allowed. And in July, a 9-year-old New Zealand girl was made a ward of the court so she could change her name from "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii." She complained that it was embarrassing and a judge agreed. The girl's new name was not made public.

- French parents must choose baby names from an approved list. The laws are designed to prevent teasing.

- In America, "You can't use a four-letter word that I wouldn't use in this interview," a sociologist said, "and other than that you're free to do what you want."

- One Michigan boy and one Texas boy have been named "ESPN" after the sports network based in Bristol, Conn.

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