Monday, March 09, 2009

American Idol - Season 8

Can you believe it! Eight seasons of American Idol? Holy cow! I don't do too bad picking favorites, and I'm not afraid to stick my neck out there and tell you who they are.

Here are my early picks (And thank You, God that Tatiana didn't make the top 12/13! She would have been the Sanjaya of the year.) And yes I voted.

Adam Lambert

Danny Gokey

Alexis Grace

Megan Corkrey

Scott MacIntyre

Did I select any of your favorites?


  1. I've picked pretty much the same folks...but then we're often pretty close in that respect.

    As it was with David Cook last year, I really hate Adam's hair. But love him. Go figure.

    There was a big cheer at my house when Tatiana was sent away. Poor girl can sing at times, but the drama. Oy!

    I'm delighted Anoop was brought into the finalist group. He's fun. And I do currently have this 'thing' for East Indian. ;)

  2. My favorites are Danny and Scott, at least so far. There's no one that I really dislike in the top 13 though. I tend to gravitate toward those who sing ballads or songs with feeling, as I'm not a fan of blues or rock.

    I, too, am so glad Tatiana did not make it. I don't like all that drama and would have fastforwarded past her anyway.

  3. I like Megan. I don't know if she'll win, but I like her unique sound and her style. She's different, but I will admit, I don't often see all of IDOL, these days. I'm invested in the Biggest Loser show and can't view both, even though I do DVR it. I catch it here and there and now that Dancing With Stars is on again ... I'm really in trouble!

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