Thursday, October 02, 2008

I missed My Fake Baby!

Dolls may seem to be just a children's plaything, but a closer look reveals much more. This documentary delves into a small niche of adult women who collect and care for shockingly life-like baby dolls that cost hundreds of dollars. Known as “reborns,” some of these dolls have beating hearts and others have tiny veins. They are treated like real babies – with walks in the park, cuddles and regular diaper changes. The documentary follows several women including one who travels to Washington D.C. to pick up the fifth addition to her family of life-like dolls.

My Fake Baby premiered Wednesday, October 1, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT


  1. I heard an interview with these ladies yesterday on the Today show while I was at work. It was on the radio so I couldn't see the babies. I'm so glad you posted this Cheryl. They are amazing aren't they?

  2. I suppose if you want anything bad enough it's possible, but I think I would prefer the real thing (even if I'm too old to get it the old fashion way!) I'm back!!! Suemc

  3. Thanks for sharing Cheryl, even though I admit I find it disturbing that people are so... so needy. My suggestion to these women is to volunteer at hospitals where babies born to drug-using Mom's are in need of real hugs and human emotion. I had a male friend who did that and loved it. Once a week, he spent an entire evening in the local nursery, rocking and singing to newborns that normally wouldn't get the time and attention because of staffing shortages.