Sunday, July 06, 2008

What do you wish they'd bring back?

This weekend I was thinking how simple the 4th of July was when I was a kid. A backyard picnic and then we carried our blankets and lawn chairs to the park for fireworks. Everyone was happy.

Ever get nostaglic for things from 'The Old Days?' I wish I had the switch for the brights on the floor of my car. What things do you miss the most? Here are a few to get us started.

Remember Nehi Grape pop? Nothing tasted better on a hot summer day - except maybe the occasional Orange Crush.

Remember real Popcicles? Blue were my favorites!

"Open the wing!" Kids today wouldn't know what that means! It was a great way to get ventilation without wind in your face.

Penny candy. And it was a penny! Remember how the paper stuck to those silly dots, but you ate it anyway? And wax bottles with sugared liquid inside.

And while I'm right here - The Satuday Evening Post! Those covers were incredible bits of Americana at its best.


  1. Cheryl, we are SO IN SYNC!! I remember 2 for a penny candy, even one kind was 3 for 1 cent! I recall when popsicles went from 5 cents to 7, before they climbed to 10. We seldom could afford the money for the "ding, ding" man. How about milk duds at the swimming pool? Grape or cherry Charms (BIG fat suckers) at the movies? and movies for .25, Disney was .35 and Jr age youth was .60.

  2. CSJ, and metro Omaha fans, come on down to Plattsmouth to Park & Walk into History (our new slogan.) We have 3 penny fortune/weighting machines (2 useable; 1 for sale;) penny candy at Wild Horse Antiques all on Main St and penny pony rides at Jack N Jill grocery, 624 Ave A. (May be more, that's just what I found in a quick 3 block walk!)

  3. Tried the wax bottles from the antique store recently; not as neat a treat as I recalled. Neccos are still a favorite and licorice whips. Lik-a maid (even got it for my sons in the early 90's to eat at the pool.)How about Pixie-stixs?
    Wild Horse has those 8" sticks of flavored sugar for 15 cents, I think.

    I have my Gramp's green depression glass oval container where he stored candy (no lid.)

  4. How about a marshmallow coke or a green river? Popsicle dripping off my elbow meant I was really enjoying my day!

  5. What is it about girls missing the candy of their childhood?!?

    I wish I could find the "Chinese Candy" with the edible wrappers. Don't even know what the real name was. They came in a box printed all in Chinese.

  6. I miss soda in glass bottles. We've found Coke here but I've only seen Diet Coke at a convenience store in Missouri. WOW did that taste good!