Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pretty good, eh?

Elijah asked for the camera. He took these pictures.


  1. A budding photographer isn't he? Great pictures. Where were they taken?

  2. Don't know if you're familiar with the ranch estates off 214th south of Elhorn--a tad north of Center.

    (That street is the highway, and Elkhorn has been annexed, you know. There's a Menards and other new businesses right there. That Menards is now the most convenient one for us.)

    Anyway, we take a little drive through that neighborhood every once in a while. They have horses and trails for them.

  3. The pictures are great he must get the talent from Grandma? Looks very beautiful.

  4. I LOVE that Menards. Believe it or not when we were back home visiting in March, the first place Dennis' mom took us to was Menard's! Then we had lunch at Arby's next door. Never been to the ranch estates but my brother-in-law lived in a house pretty close to that area for quite a while. And no, I didn't know Elkhorn has been annexed. Lincoln will be next!!!

  5. Wow! Well done! And to think I knew him when...(in a manner of speaking!)

  6. Ditto, All!
    Great composition, light and shade; the better to see them with a click for enlargement!
    Are they ducks or geese?
    So peaceful, restful.