Thursday, July 24, 2008

Duh Moment: Stuart Little and Hugh Laurie

Well, duh. I just realized that the dad in Stuart Little is none other thsn that mean ole nasty Dr. House!



  1. I never made the connection either.

    Double Duh!

  2. I love House and I never realized this fact. Good eyes Cheryl!

  3. I often check out the morning HBO movie and this morning it was Stuart Little. I can't tell you how many times I've had Galaxy Quest on in the background this past month. That movie is hilarious.

  4. Galaxy Quest! I haven't thought of that movie in a LONG time. It is hilarious. We seem to have much the same taste in movies, books and such Cheryl.

  5. I'm so glad other people hadn't made the connection. After I posted, I went straight to my DH Sean and said, "Guess what Cheryl posted on her blog about the dad on Stuart Little?"

    Sean replies, "Are you talking about the guy from House...umm...Hugh Laurie or a different Stuart Little?"

    Me, "Umm--yeah, that's him. I just never made the connection before."

    DH gives me a patronizing smile.

  6. There's always someone ahead of the gsme, isn't there?