Saturday, July 19, 2008

Be careful how you place your cake order

Imagine this phone call:


"Hi, I'd like a sheet cake please. Marble with white frosting."

"Wait, I gotta get some paper."

"And I'd like yellow flowers."

"This pen don't work. Okay, what kinda cake was that?"


"Butter cream or whipped icing?"

"Butter cream."

"That it?"

"No, I want it to say, 'Best wishes, suzanne. s-u-z-a-n-n-e.' And underneath that 'We will miss you.'"

"When do you want to pick it up?"

"Friday morning. Thanks."



  1. Please tell me this was your cake order! That is so hilarious...and I can definitely see it happening. At least it is a memorable cake and everyone will remember it always. :-)

  2. No, it wasn't my cake order! Someone sent it to me and I thought it was hysterical!

  3. That was hysterical....sure hope that Suzanne had a sense of humor!

  4. Oh, that is just too funny!!! Thanks for the laugh.