Sunday, July 06, 2008

Any favorite Summer Shows?

One time (boy band) Nsync singer Joey Fatone and former Spice Girl Mel B. present The Singing Office. The two did well together on Dancing With The Stars.
This show - separately, they go into businesses, schools, etc. and put employees and owners on the spot by asking them to sing in an impromptu audition. From the auditions, five are selected to be a team and compete. Each team gets a voice coach and a choreographer for only TWO DAYS of practice, then Joey's team competes against Mel's.

It's looks tough to me, but these people did suprisingly well for two days worth of rehearsal.

“It’s not like American Idol or Dancing With the Stars,” Mel told The Associated Press. “It’s not a serious competition. It gives people a break from their everyday lives to have some fun with their co-workers.”

On the two shows so far, we thought the correct teams won.
Sunday evenings on TLC.

I really like this show!
Hopefully, there will be YouTube of performances soon, but until then, here's the promo.


  1. The Singing Office is a fun show to watch. Also saw a preview for Rock The Reception. It starts next week and is about couples who learn a dance routine for their first dance at their wedding reception. Looks pretty good!

  2. Hi Cuz! I saw Rock the Reception advertised, too. Looks fun!

  3. I'm loving Army Wives, but my favorite right now is WipeOut. Somehow I never tire of laughing at people making fools of themselves. Always wonder why they feel the need.