Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Rebel and the Lady

Victoria Torrez must fight for the land that has been in her family for generations. Two weeks before the eventful day at the Alamo in San Antonio de Béxar, her land on the Rio Grande is overrun by the Mexican army. She heads north to warn the Texians unaware that the very person who has helped her escape is now using her to spy on the Alamo's defenses.

Jake Dumont is good with a gun, but he doesn't care one whit about the fight for freedom happening in the Texas territory. He just wants to find his foolish brother and haul him back home. Yet when he meets the beautiful señorita, Victoria, and steals a kiss, he realizes she has bewitched him. Is she a traitor and with the Santanistas or is she loyal to the Texians and their hopeless cause? How can he leave when protecting her suddenly means more to him than protecting his heart?

This is a September book! Argh! What torture!


  1. What a surprise to find this in my Google alerts, Cheryl! How cool!

  2. Again I ask why books can't come out sooner?!?! The waiting is torture!