Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ellen Hartman

I found this at TGTBATU and had to share:

Book trailers are ordinarily so boring, but this one is a trip.


  1. I usually have one of two reactions to book trailers. "Meh" or "OMG - that was great!" I really, really liked this Hartman trailer. Very cute.

    Oh, and the book ain't half bad either ;-) I highly recommend it. A great emotional read.....

  2. What a chuckle and hoot! I had to watch it twice and will again.

    My "good Christian friend Dorothy"
    (former coworker) and I laughed for 5 minutes over my indignation at a book cover that was so far off the mark at presenting both hero/ine. This reminds me of that amusingly RAUCOUS episode! She'll get a KICK out of it!