Monday, June 09, 2008

things that make me smile: dolls again

This is the curio in my office, filled with barbies, My Scene dolls, my little Madame Alexanders, a Madame Alexander that belonged to my grandmother, Ginnys and Betsy McCalls. The Ginnys were my daughters', the Betsy McCalls were mine. There is also a Miss Revlon in the back, but you can't see her. Also Hannah Montana (she sings) and a few Disney dolls.

When Kristin was a little girl, we took a prcelain doll making class together. She made a large baby doll with hair and movable eyes. She loved her dolls. She got the biggest portion of our budget, so I made a small baby with closed eyes. I love her still, and she sleeps in a basket in our bedroom.

Here's her sweet face up close. CLICK TO ENLARGE and you can even see her eyelashes. I would never have the patience to do it again, but I enjoyed our mother-daughter experience and am glad we did it.

Thanks for your comments Pat and Connie! I love knowing there are others who love dolls and enjoy them.


  1. She's so sweet--and I NEVER knew you actually made her yourself. Give yourself a round of applause!!

  2. Yes, I love dolls.
    My dd and I recently had a conversation with a neighbour who said that she could not understand the point. We both shook ourt heads afterwards

  3. Gorgeous work, so delicate and sweet! What memories for both of you to treasure! I saw a lady at a craft fair who made similar babies-TRULY a pains-taking craft and labor of love.

    My matron of honor has quite a Barbie collection filling their spare bedroom.