Saturday, June 14, 2008

Destination: Marriage

The Jinxed Bride _ Jill Marie Landis

Talk about bad bridal juju. Carrie Evans is in Hawaii for a dream getaway wedding—with rain, a missing dress and absent guests. Is there enough Hawaiian magic to turn these nightmarish nuptials into the best day of her life?

The Accidental Bride - Jo Leigh

Aspiring journalist Trish Avalon has just won a fantasy wedding in Manhattan. But there's a small problem: Trish isn't engaged. Getting to New York is her dream, though, so she'll convince her high school sweetheart to be her groom…just for the week!

And the Reluctant Bride - Jackie Braun

Dayle Alexander is about to get married, so why isn't she jumping in the aisle? After all, her fiancĂ© is stable…unlike her unsettlingly hot business partner, Max Kinnick. But when business takes them to Venice, Dayle realizes she can't have the perfect wedding until Max becomes her perfect groom!



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