Monday, March 10, 2008

I Double Dare You

to send me a picture of you (or your MOM!) with a 60s flip!


  1. I identify Marlo Thomas from "That Girl", MTM and Barbie. Is the blond you or Gillian Anderson from the X-files?
    I spent over an hour going thru my 5 HS/Jr College year books- talk about a trip down memory lane!!!! Will get a couple to scan tomorrow with hubby's help. You won't recognize me-I don't either!

    My Mom didn't recognize me twice- once with short frosted hair when I got off a bus at age 25; 2nd) dressed up at my aunt/uncle's 40th anniversary- I do clean up nice, just rarely! ROFL I am a very casual kinda gal.

  2. Thanks, Lou! That's Leslie Gore. It was her party and she wore her hair any old way she wanted to. LOL

  3. Cheryl, you must a LOT of twins out there, physical as well as spiritual! Of course I know Leslie and her song!
    I am nursing a cold so will get photos posted by Sat.