Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Spock

Lenoard Nimoy was born March 26, 1931. We all know him as the logical Vulcan on Star Trek, but I'll bet you didn't know he starred in a music video? Truthfully, it probably wasn't publicized much. Hmm.

And now he has his photography displayed in galleries and has had a book published -- yes, pictures of naked fat ladies. I kid you not. I would have posted one here for you, but this IS a G-rated site.


  1. LOL
    Poor Leonard.
    And you know what's the worst? No matter what he looks like, I STILL see pointy ears.

    And naked fat people, huh?
    Wow, we can debate nude pictures art or smut, all day long but I think the baseline should be public nudity should only be allowed if you're really hot looking.

  2. But ladies--folks have differing ideas of what hot is...or do you mean the folks looking at the nudes, LOL In fact, I was once asked to pose for an artist. Ah, but I was too shy at the time.

    I saw Mr. Spock, uh, Leonard ages ago when he did his one man show about Vincent Van Gogh. Definitely much better than the ballad of bilbo baggins!

  3. Was the video from the 1960's? It reminds me of Laugh-in & Goldie Hawn, plus those BIG buttons! What a hoo-ot!! Where DO you find these things?!?

    I talked to Leonard's sec'y about 12 yrs ago when she was looking for Hallmark paper products for his grandkid's bday party. She was very nice!