Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze has been in the news a lot. He has a new television series called The Beast about to release, and reports say that he's doing well with cancer treatments. (The media always makes a big deal once they catch wind of something.) I'm praying he's doing well and healed. Dirty Dancing is my favorite Patrick Swayze movie. That was back when Jennifer Gray still looked cute and unique and hadn't fixed her nose to become unmemorable. Hmm, do I have an opinion about everything?


  1. This is one of my favorites, too. I have the DVD. What a surprise, huh? LOL I've found that you and I have the same taste in movies.

  2. I watched Dirty Dancing so many times I could repeat the dialogue with the actors.

    Unfortunately, optimistic or not, Pancreatic Cancer has the least change for survival. My best friend passed from it five years ago, and even though she tried the clinical trials, she didn't last much longer than the six months they gave her. The reason, according to the oncologist we spoke the time the cancer manifests itself, it's already spread too far. I hope Patrick starts a new and more positive trend. I'm saddened by the news.