Thursday, March 06, 2008

American Idol Prediction

If I had my choice, the four contestants voted off would be:
Luke Menard
Michael Johns (Yes, he's good, but we're down to the wire here--they're all good)
Kady Malloy
Kristy Lee Cook (of course I never liked Carrie Underwood, either--still don't, but even at that, this chick is nowhere close)

My prediction, however is:
Luke Menard
David Hernadez (bad press with the gay stripper thing)
Kady Malloy
Saesha Mercado

My early prediction for someone to watch was Carly Smithson. I stand by that. That girl can sing!

Amanda redeemed herself this week, yet I still have that reservation about always sounding the same.

I like Brooke a lot, though I find her quite old-fashioned and can't believe how much Simon likes her.

I still adore Jason Castro, and I called his performance BRILLIANT before Simon said it. I will buy that itune.

I'm loving rocker David Cook, too.


  1. Jason Castro???? Even with that horrid last note he sang? Okay, I admit he does have awesome eyes, but...I'm betting on cute little David. I just wanna pinch his cheeks, he's so precious.


  2. I don't a lot about Idol, so please feel free to correct me!

    But didn't they expel Fantasia (?) for naked pictures? Would she have been OK if she had been a stripper? It feels like a double standard.

  3. Yes, I love Jason, Ginger! If he did a bad note, I blanked it out.

    No, that wasn't Fantasia, but I think there was a girl they kicked out for nude photos. Thinner and white. Dark hair. Can't remember her name.

    And there was a guy once too that had a felony record or something that got the boot.