Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I took a day off yesterday. I used it to clean windows, wash curtains, and do Spring cleaning upstairs. I know, some day off, eh? But it was time away from the "work in progress" as we writers call the current projects. My creativity had been a bust for a week or more, and when that happens, it's time to give myself permission to do other things, knowing that it frees me up to think again in due time.

It was one of those perfect days: perfect weather to clean windows and have them all open; perfect weather to shake rugs and smell the clean smells from the dryer in the backyard. When I do tasks like that I prefer no music or TV or distractions, just me and my mundane thoughts.

Long about afternoon, I took a break with an apple slathered with peanut butter and checked email. I have google alerts set for specific words and phrases: my name, my book titles, so I catch reviews, etc.. A reader blog came through as having posted lists - and you know how I love lists - favorite books, favorite authors. There among Sybil's favorite books was one of mine - and on her list of favorite authors was my name.

All afternoon I had time to really think about that and what it means. I've read similar posts and reviews, of course, but yesterday I had time to contemplate being a favorite author. It's every writer's dream to have their stories read and enjoyed. Sometimes, after the day-to-day hassle of the business, we writers take having our books published for granted, sort of like turning on a switch and knowing there will immediately be light in the room. I am someone's favorite author. Several someones. That's an extraordinary concept, one I do appreciate because I have my own favorites and know the pleasure their books bring me. To realize that I am able to give that same feeling to others is awesome.

Today it's raining. Seriously raining. My rooms are dusted and vacuumed and everything is neatly in order. My clean windows are drizzled with rain, but hey, it's spring and my flowers will be bursting when the sun warms things up.

And I am someone's favorite author.


  1. Sweet, sweet Cheryl! You are alot of peoples favorite author!!! Probably more than we could ever remember or think possible. You bring life and love into someones otherwise boring life. You bring joy and laughter to a hurting soul. You help sooth a place that has been forgotten by time. That is what an "author" does. And, you my friend, do it exceptionally well!!! Anyone else agree?!?!

  2. Cheryl, my thoughts and applause will have to wait a few days; leaving for FL at 6 am; but you may get a swelled head when MY
    compliments and praise hit the Net!

    I must REALLY like & respect you;
    had to submit thru Google FIVE times just to get this comment in this time! NOT rofl

  3. Sorry, you're having such issues with the blog, Lou!!

  4. Sounds like you had a busy day with the cleaning. You are several peoples author!!!! We all agree you are the best, and we all are lucky to have you in our lifes.

  5. Lots of us consider you one of our favorite authors but it's still nice to hear isn't it! :)

    It was beautiful here yesterday, too, and I went for a long walk. Today we are also getting rain but that's April weather!

  6. It's wonderful to hear, Carol, thanks!

  7. You're too modest, Cheryl. As others have pointed out, you're on a lot of our lists of "favorite authors," including mine. :-)

  8. Cheryl, I appreciate your time in sharing actions, reflections, and positive thoughts of gratitude! No wonder you are a successful author!!

    Hi all: back from FL Sat 5 pm, laundry, church & high school musical "Into the Woods" by Stephen Sondheim, job search and
    job offer; still 2 more leads; nice to have choices.

    Before we left I put my TBR PILE into FIVE boxes, CSJ has TWO at the top of what's left! 6th box is read/save. So vacuumed and took pictures of my cleared corner of our bedroom. Such a feeling of accomplishment, spaciousness and peace! Know how you felt, Cheryl.
    Remember when you asked for photos of our TBR piles? Maybe I can get them to you.

  9. Yes! I wouls still love to post pics of TBR piles! I will if you will.