Monday, April 30, 2007

FIRST FIVE from 4/14

Five books going out today to these who responded first on my birthday:

Dee Ann W
Lucky Lou

Brenda and Lou, since you're already getting a book from that posting, I'll send you something else for your quick posts yesterday.

Betsy and Karen W will get books for reviews asap.


  1. Yeah I am so excited. Congratulations to all the others. Happy reading!

  2. Thank you so much, Cheryl! Congratulations everyone who was lucky enough to win!

    Like the others I've had problems making entries, too. Some days it just won't work at all and it's not just your site, Cheryl. I've had to sign up several times and I just never know if it will work or not.

    I just got home from babysitting. I've been doing a lot of that lately and will be doing even more after my daughter has her baby in September.

  3. Yeah!!! I WON!! Thanks Cheryl! I just got home from work and checked your blog. I'm looking forward to reading the books and doing a review for you.

    Love ya,


  4. Thanks, Cheryl, just like you to be so generous; yet really didn't expect anything; that's why it's such a NICE surprise!

    Carol, it makes me feel better to know it's not just me being a techno-dunce.

  5. Carol & all having log-on
    problems: once I get in, I can make comments on other sections that Cheryl has open (so y'all can look back as I have been taking advantage to chat up a storm!!)

    Congrats to fellow winners: Cheryl's "gal pals."

  6. Cant' wait to read it! I already know I'll like it but I'll wait until I've read it to post a review!

  7. You crack me up. I'm picturing a comment at amazon: "I haven't actually read this book, but I just know it'll be really good!" I love your faith in me.


  8. I have to sign up every time I get on the computer or I can't talk on any of the blogs. It seems it just won't remember me!!!

  9. I'm looking forward to reading and reviewing, Cheryl. Thanks. :-)