Saturday, March 24, 2007

10 fancy names for collectors

Can't inagine why Lou thought this was appropriate for me. LOL
(I love it, Lou!)

Fancy name Collects:

Bibliophilist Books
deltiologist Postcards
philographist Autographs
receptarist Recipes
archtophilist Teddy bears
plangonologist Dolls
vecturist Subway tokens
vexillologist flags
phonophile Phonograph records
copoclephilist Key rings


  1. Okay .... Can you please tell me what language you are speaking? I understand (I think)the last names, but what are the first ones? I know I collect some things, but I speak English. Such as key chains, candle holders and autographed things. Although, I think you might have discribed Cheryl . . . ? Love you two.

  2. Think the first is based on Latin; Cute, Sue, to think of the
    "Collector" name as a "last" name: think of several spaces between the "fancy name" and the others to see the second IS the common word in English.
    It would be a toss up to see whether Cheryl collects in more categories than I do. I am seriously trying to cut back; ie: Angel statues since 1970, stopped when they became more popular (in the '90's?) Told sons when gifted with A doll and A snowglobe/music box for Christmas that I LOVED the gifts AND givers, but NO Collections! My grandpa collected owls & Nana pitchers, plates & minatures (I have 100+ of the last on my own.)
    Love to all & back to you, Sue.
    Glad you are back, Cheryl.

  3. Two freinds and I went to the antique weekend in Walnut a couple years ago. I got sick of hearing myself say, "I have one of these," or "I collect these."

    I wouldn't know where to start, Lou. But I could probably begin a list of things I collect just for fun and add to it as I remember. Right now MUCH is packed during remodeling and some hasn't been unpacked since we moved 3 years ago.