Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice Cream Dessert

I almost forgot your prezzie!

In a 9x13 pan layer half of a 24 count box of ice cream sandwiches.
Spread 1/3 a container of Cool Whip over the top.
Over that pour half a melted jar of chocolate sauce.
Sprinkle on peanuts or sliced strawberries if desired.
Repeat first three layers.
End with last 1/3 of Cool Whip.
Melt 3/4 cup peanut butter to drizzle over the top.
Freeze until firm and cut to serve.

Take this to pot luck or serve to guests and they think you slaved over a decadent dessert!


  1. Oh, this sounds fantastic....
    But I'm on a diet now and doing very well. I'm so tired of being overweight.

  2. A diet? Seriously? Seriously. This M&M in my mouth is convicting me. Calling me Chubby. I need to get back to South Beach. Keep encouraging me. Elijah is cracking me to take his picture.