Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Some of you asked for pictures of me and my mom. Yesterday I took her to lunch at the Hollywood diner. These are diners owned by a local entrepreneur who purchased a million dollar plus collection of movie memorabilia and is buying, placing and decorating these diners to display the treasures. The food is 50s style, gigantic malts, burgers, etc. There's a soda fountain, too. So far we have two and another is on its way. Here we are ordering reubens.

This is the outside of this diner near the airport. The other one is closer to my house, but we were having an adventure.

Who wouldn't love a malt like this? And this is a half! We shared one, so they put it in 2 containers!

Our downtown area has been a huge ongoing project to attract business and visitors. We have a huge auditorium, many historic buildings renovated into upscale aparrtments, and an Old Market area with brick streets, horse-drawn carriages trendy shopping, art stores, etc.. Since this used to be the prairie, much of the art is focused on the westward movement. Behind is the World Herald Newspaper building. The next stage of the project will be reflected in the glass on the side of that building.

These huge statues of pioneers are incredible. Beautiful down to the last detail. Up close you can see the movement of the horses and even the pioneers' clothing. On another corner are the buffalo.

Remember,you can click on a picture to see it better.


  1. That's a nice picture of you and your mom. My mom and I are hardly in any pictures together because one of us is always taking the picture.

  2. WOW what a wonderful day! Those pictures are great-- especially the malt one(LOL) I would love to see those statues and visit- I love reading about the days of the buffalo and riding in a wagon along the plains towards a new life is exciting (and scary) but ione I love dreaming about :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Cher. They're great!

  4. Thanks for sharing those pictures!
    I would definitely stop by and eat there!!

  5. thanks for reminder to enlarge for better viewing, WONDERFUL photos. Will have to stop & see them--- the City should recognize you for promoting it! Plattsmouth has a Hollywood Diner also, even larger than airport one, with a Starz & Strikes bowling alley attached so they have 3 NOW, with another planned in Omaha? Haven't been to the one near you YET.
    Maureen, my sister & I are bold & ask our serving staff or strangers to take pictures so we have some together and I also do it when a group of ladies go out to dinner so we are ALL included for memories. I volunteer to do it when I see parents taking pictures so both can be seen with their kids; my Dad was often the one behind the camera so much fewer of him. My cousin Doug has a delayed-reaction setting so he could be in the family reunion pictures!

  6. Lou, I forgot about the one in Pattsmouth! Hubby and I saw it when we did the Hawaiian Village and Plattsmouth garage sales!

    As you see, I asked the waitress to take our picture--just for you guys! LOL

  7. Those are wonderful pictures. I'm glad you and your mom had such a great day together!

    I wish we had a diner like that around here! lol

  8. I love that diner! I've been there once. Brie threw up all over the back table. *giggle* We've not shown our face since.

  9. Great pictures of you and your mom looks like you had a good time. The one by the airport has really good carrot cake I think it is 7 layers and it is enough for 4 people I was do shocked when I ordered it. I thought they should have told us we could all share instead we all ordered dessert wow was that a meal and a lot of take out boxes. LOL

  10. Hi Cheryl,
    Very nice picture of your mom. Thanks for sharing.