Thursday, November 09, 2006

McThursday on TV

The networks did some serious shifting this season, pitting their heavy hitters against each other. Thus Gray's Anatomy and Demented Housewives shifted from their hot Sunday night slots to Thursday. Gray's Anatomy is obviously holding its own. Don't know about DH 'cause I can't stomach that show.

This week's GA was amusing with the male doctors all taking a fishing trip--and how the heck did the bartender get included? (Anyone remember him as My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance? I loved that disgusting show--one of the few reality shows I've ever watched.) Back to the show: the couple with the stillborn baby was the moment of drama that made the viewer's heart stop.

After all the slicing and dicing I did last year about ER, no one is happier than I to say they made a comeback this year with some decent plotlines and roles for the characters. Of course we all wanted Kovic and Abby back together. Sam was just too flaky. Strangely enough since her abduction by the ex- she's less of a cry baby. Glad she dumped Luka and he got the right woman. Of course, since I'm a writer and a plotter I know the best thing/worst thing that could happen now is something threatening Abby and Baby Joe. You see Dr. Kovic's wife and children died during the war in Croatia and he tried to make a choice between saving the last living child and his wife. They both died. Great angst for a backstory.

He screwed every nurse, female doctor and patient's mother at the hospital in his rebellious "grief" -- I think the only women he hasn't slept with is Carrie, of course she's now gay, so he's not her type -- but anyway now that he has his life on track the perfect situation for his conflict would be to make him choose between saving Abby or the baby. They had that opportunity during the shootout in the Er and her early labor and the preemie baby and her hysterectomy, but they didn't play that card. Will it show up now?

ER writers, if you're out there, I'm available!

Love John Stamos, thank you for bringing him to the cast -- not sure if Neela is the one for him, there's really no conflict going there. She's a widow, he's single and a family-type man, kind of too convenient, you know. Surely he has a deep dark secret.

I like the recent guest star (can't think of his name) but I just don't care whether or not he sues Kovic -- but I do see the wisdom of setting him up to threaten Abby.

Now! Please, please, PLEASE, writers, bring back the multiple personality guy and Archie. What incredible acting! Now there's drama! You hate him, you love him, you hate him, you love him. Could we see him in therapy? Could we see Archie get a little credit?

And now back to my own not-so regularly scheduled storyline....


  1. I believe DH was on last night temporarily and last minute...they are holding off on new episodes of Six Degrees until the new year. Men in Trees will start following GA at the end of the month.

  2. I caught Men in Trees once and thought it was cute. The hubby hated it of course.

  3. I don't watch any of those shows. I watch very little tv. I do like House though!