Wednesday, November 15, 2006

100 Sexy Guys!

Watch 100 Sexy Guys in a one minute video if your heart can take it.

Friday is the day to run out and get your People Magazinbe featuring the Sexiest Man Alive. Once again this year, their pick is George Clooney. Dr. McDreamy is on that list somewhere -- and of course Johnny Depp. Who do you think deserved to win?


  1. Where is a PAUSE button when you need one or Freeze frame like the boys used on Jamie Lee Curtis! Only got 11 (Orlando Bloom, Usher, John Stamos, Ashton Kusher, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Kevin Kostner, one from TV show-Saved by the Bell, Michael Jordan, Joaquin Phoenix & Hugh Jackman (MY favorite, but Johnny Depp & George are certainly VERY appealing.) My 24 yr old wouldn't help me (male, of course!) and the one who would know & care enough to help is away at college. Showing my age when the ones I can't name are young enough to my sons!! THANKS for sharing; Cheryl, you are my new BEST friend.

  2. I got lost over there drooling, Cheryl! lol

  3. Found Mario Lopez's name from Saved by the Bell while googling the precursor Good Morning, Miss Bliss with Hayley Mills. Aren't I just Miss Trivia! LOL Now if I just got to the store & bought the magazine, I'd have ALL the answers AND the EYE candy to drool over!

    Was I wrong about M jordan?