Sunday, May 21, 2006

a weak moment and a new definition

I had my mind all set that I wouldn't be doing any clothing shopping because once I drop another size I'll have to buy all new clothes, anyway (awww, what a shame!) but then I saw these denim stretch capris with a wide cuff and bead and applique embellishments on one hip & the opposite thigh, so I had to have them. Hey, they're stretchy, so even after I shrink more they'll still fit. And I was able to buy a junior size, which I normally can't. Well, then I had read that no wardrobe is complete this season without a sparkly pair of flippies, so I bought a pair to go with the capris.

And on that note: remember when we called flippies "thongs" and they were gross and ugly and cost about 99 cents? Fifteen and TWENTY DOLLARS for those babies now! I'm going to tell all my girls that I've worn "thongs" since I was a kid. LOL


  1. Since you couldn't resist shopping stretch is a good choice! lol Congrats on being able to buy the junior size!

    I remember the thongs! I guess I can say the same thing! However, I will not wear the "new" thongs! lol

  2. I tell ya, I tried. I went through a phase and my daughter kept saying, "Oh, just try it, they're so comfortable." I tried it. Ended up buying an array of lovely thong undies, thinking maybe I just got the wrong style. Nope.

    I've invested too many years keeping undies out of that particular spot to stick them there on purpose now!

  3. I agree...the only thongs I like are book thongs...LOL.

  4. roflmao I so agree, Cheryl!

    Me too, Jennifer!

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