Monday, May 15, 2006

TP dilemma

Don't you often think about goofy things throughout a day? This is my forum for presenting these odd little thoughts and learning what others think about the day to day puzzles. Take toilet paper for example. Can you even IMAGINE the amount of toilet paper our country flushes in a day? I can't. Does every home go through as much as mine does? I used to think it was because I had a big family. I figured it made a difference that I had three daughters. A few years ago I thought it was because we had four bathrooms. But right now my household consists of four people, two adult females, one adult male and a six-year-old boy and three bathrooms. I still can't keep enough toilet paper on hand.

I've been on a toilet paper mission for months. Which brand lasts longer? Have I tried this one? I've gone through the cheap brands which are certainly most appealing. Soft'n Gentle: A bazillion rolls for half the price. Problem? That brand is so linty. Sounds totally silly, I know, but it creates white dust around the area. Am I the only one who notices these things? I'm really not that neurotic. Northern, Charmin -- this week I bought a package of six Northern Mega Rolls claining eqilvalence to 24 rolls. I figured they cost $1.25 per roll, and that's from Wal-mart. Outrageous! But they're gonna last as long as 24 rolls? They're so big they barely turn on the holder. You could use these things for your workout weights. Do they last longer? No. I put one in the downstairs bath off the family room and just inside the back patio doors, and it was empty the following day. One day! That means a roll a day in three bathrooms and I only got six rolls. Woops.

I haven't actually figured out if there's an average amount we go through. I'm not into numbers. I'm really not into toilet paper either, I'd just like to have an unending supply that appeared in the cupboard so I didn't have to constantly buy more. Is there a guy like the Swan man or pizza delivery who'd buzz a case over whenever I called? Hmm. A case. Maybe I need to send hubby to Sam's with his truck.

So, what I really want to know is what brand of toilet tissue do you buy and why? And have you found any that go further? And am I the only person who gets frustrated when they open the cupboard and the TP is gone? AGAIN.

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  1. I buy Northern because that's the one my husband likes! lol I buy the double rolls so that they don't have to be changed as often and I always keep a supply on hand. That's not something I want to run out of!!! I also buy the double rolls because they are on sell a lot.