Friday, May 19, 2006

spa day

I just came from treating myself to a couple hours of pampering -- foot spa, that is. I went for a pedicure and to have my nails done. The color is Berry Much Love; it's adorable. I do short nails and my usual color is Crawford's Wine, an awesome red. Took it with me, but a graduate and her mom were getting pedicures beside me, and that's the color the grad picked. I loved it and had to try it for myself. It's a delightful spring shade of bright reddish pink. All my sandals will look terrif. And I got a new silver beaded bracelet yesterday with touches of pink crystal beads. I'm good to go this week. Even typing is more fun now. Oh-- and 10 pounds lighter coming up on 2 weeks here. Monday I can have a piece of fruit! Whoo hoo!


  1. Sounds like you had a nice day!

    Congrats on the weight loss!

  2. What a wonderful treat and such a great description. You deserve the loss and the anticipation will make the fruit more tasty!

  3. A pedicute sounds so nice. I should try it! Congrats on the weight loss. What fruit will you pick now that you can have some!

  4. I have been wanting an apple and a banana so badly! My daughter is doing this with me. She's lost 9 lbs and she can't wait for a bowl of oatmeal.

  5. Ten pounds is wonderful and very inspiring as we approach summer.

  6. I like to eat a banana on top of my oatmeal! Guess that isn't a good thing to do or at least not very often! It's so hard to know what you should eat! There are so many diets and they all tell you something different! Congrats to your daughter, too, on the weight loss.

  7. Carol, good question! I love ripe bananas AND cinnamon oatmeal so can imagine the first bite will be heavenly! Cheryl, you inspired me to use the bathtub bubbler my hubbie gave me for Christmas a few years ago (an acceptable electrical appliance in your eyes? previous blog topic) I shaved my legs and conditioned my hair while enjoying the breeze thru our octagonal window. I didn't have any wine (got some later at a friend's house.) Found it VERY relaxing which is not easy for someone with ADD. In Jan I had a massage and Feb my first pedi-manicures. LOVED the massage; used to have one every month 5 yrs ago. Liked the feel of the foot preparation, especially since I have diabetes & feet are at potential risk, and polish lasted 2-3 weeks, but the manicure only lasted 2-3 days before chipping so will only repeat for a special event. Robert really likes painted nails & I've finally grown some to polish for past 7 years after being a nail-biter for 40. Weight
    loss is my next goal so will let you know when I start. Read the body is God's temple so I want to treat it better. Just not good at food planning & cooking. So let's keep each other in prayer. What is your daughter's first name?

  8. Good for you, Lou! It is a good thing to pamper yourself on occasion. We all need rewards.

    The bathtub bubbler is definitely an acceptable gift! LOL

    I've decided the pedicure is my finishing the book reward from now on. I can make toenail polish past indefinitely--seriously--until my nails grow out, by using OPI topcoat. My old bottle says SealOn Topcoat on the front, but I think my newer one just says topcoat on the top of the applicator. Look for clear wherever you find OPI - Walgreens has a little, I think Beauty First or those other beauty outlet places have it -- and then check that is says topcoat sealer.
    Fingers are another matter, aren't they? I can't get it to last but a few days either unless I get acrylic or silk wrap on top of my nails. I don't care that they're long - mine to that on their own and I have to cut them short - I just care that the polish lasts. With an acrylic finish it lasts until you take it off to change colors or need a fill.

    I hadn't done it for ages, but I love the finished look of pretty nails, so I bit the bullet. Only $25 where I go and $15 for fills. Silk wrap is much thinner and more natural feeling, but takes longer and costs nearly twice as much.

    Planning the food is the tough part, especially when you're shopping and cooking for regular eaters in the house. I have eaten oodles of salads and veggies. I'm not a big meat fan, but I've had fish and chicken - canned salmon, & tuna for lunches. My daughter - the Frozen Food Queen - discovered Southbeach dinners. Expensive unless you get them on sale. HyVee had them 2 for $5 and we stocked the freezer. They are so yummy it feels like you're cheating. We've done those for lunches.

    Reading the book helps understand the principles of watching glycemic index, which I'm sure you already know, Lou, since you're diabetic - and the necessity of slow digestion. Good fat and oils and fiber slow digestion and prevent glucose levels from rising which produces insulin which makes you store fat. Hmmm... did that all winter. Glad I shed those extra pounds. Down 12 now.