Monday, May 08, 2006

Kansas City, there I went!

The signing in Independence was the bomb! If you're near or passing through Kansas City, Dog-eared Books is a fabulous store. It's on South Noland Drive. They display laminated autographed bookcovers. Tina owns the store and Connie works there and runs Once Upon A Romance website and coordinates reviews.

These ladies did the prep work and the place was full of people for four hours! It's a lovely big store with plants galore and even two friendly resident cats. I sold tons of books, new and backlist, and fans came with their past books to be signed. Naturally I love the ones who say, "I've read ALL your books."

Long time friend Carla Cassidy was there, and she did very well, too -- oh, that Woman of Wonder. She has published 75 books to date! Holy cow. She's a fun and funny lady. I'm giving away signed Carla Cassidy books this month, get ready!

They took pictures, so as soon as they send me a couple I'll share them here.

Second cousins I hadn't seen since I was a kid stopped by. And -- get this -- Connie and Tina bought extra CASES of WED UNDER WESTERN SKIES for me to sign while I was there, and they're going to experiment with an internet booksigning and sell them from their website. Gotta love these gals. If you're going to RT in Daytona, look for them!


  1. So fun to see you again, Cheryl. We had a great time! And didn't it go well???

    Thanks so much for helping to make the signing a rousing success! Both you and Carla were absolutely gracious, not to mention wonderful.

    Can't wait to do it again!

    But after RT in Daytona!!!

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures! I would love to go to a signing someday. They sound like so much fun! Any chance you will ever get to Pittsburgh, PA?

  3. I never say never, Carol. I have a good friend whose hubby will be retiring from the Army to Pennsylvania one of these years.

  4. Glad you're back, Cheryl! OK, your excitement must be infectious because I got excited reading this post. I felt like I won somethin'. *g* I leave for Orlando in 7 days and I will be in Daytona. Will they have WUWS autographed by you?
    I've never read anything by Carla.
    Goody! Cheryl has books for us! *VBG*

  5. Oh, Mel, you are so lucky! I wish I could be at RT too!

    I hope your friend lives near Pittsburgh, Cheryl! lol

  6. Mel, look for me at RT (Connie from Once Upon A Romance)! I'll try to keep an eye out for you, too.

    It will probably be around the first of June when we start selling Cheryl's autographed copies of WUWS. We have to have a little recoup time from RT!! And if you've gone before you know I'm not kidding.

    Cheryl said she'd announce it as soon as I've gotten things ready for the online sale and give her the OK.

  7. Excellent, Connie. I want an autographed copy. LOL! Yes, I know about recoup time. You can easily spot me, Connie. I have a shaved head with long blond hair *I swear it's my natural color..ahem* that hangs to one side. I also have several piercings. Two in my nose. I hope we can meet. I look forward to it. My Mom will be with me and she has blong hair, too.

  8. blong...a mixture of blond and long..LOL! I meant to say blonde. Ma's hair is shoulder length, though.

  9. Looking forward to it, Mel.

    Will do, Cheryl, if I can!