Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's shocking, but I haven't been shopping (except groceries and that doesn't count) in a couple of weeks and I didn't go to a single garage sale last week. I was getting the book ready to mail. Mailed it this morning. Whew! I'm really pleased with how the story turned out. Maybe I'll share an exclusive excerpt here....

I've done great with Southbeach -- made it over a week now and have lost 8 pounds. Can't wait to get past phase one and have an apple and a slice of bread and some popcorn! It's going to be worth it. That's what I tell myself every afternoon when I want a Milky Way or Hershey Nuggets.

Had a nice Mother's Day. My hubby grilled for our lunch. We met my oldest daughter and son-in-law in another little town where my dad is in a nursing home so we could combine visits -- as well as exchange truckloads of things we had for each other. I got the old iron bedframe I bought when we were in my daughter's town, and I'm going use the top and bottom as trellises.

Once my garden areas take off and are blooming well, I will take pictures for you! We've been working in the yard nearly every evening and on Saturdays.


  1. Sounds like you doing great! Congrats on the weight loss. I know how difficult it is because I am trying to lose weight too. I have gone two days without soft drinks which is big thing for me...LOL I keep telling myself it will be worth it too!

  2. Keep up the good work on writing and best wishes on the weight loss.
    Heard on KGBI that gardening helps burn calories, be flexible, not to mention the good mental state it promotes. Look forward to the pics.

  3. Congrats! I'm looking forward to reading the excerpt!

    Congrats too on the weight loss. That's really good for only a week!

    Jennifer, I hope that works for you. Soft drinks are just bad! lol

    I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day. We all went to my son's house.

    I would work in my garden if it would only stop raining! My children got me some new plants.

  4. Thanks Carol...so far so good. I think my body is craving carbonation though...LOL

    I am eating more healthy too, so I hope it all pays off.

  5. It will pay off Jennifer and you will feel better too. I have to try harder to lose a few pounds. If it would only stop raining I could start walking again!

  6. I must say that I do feel a bit better since I cut out soft drinks. I wish I had somewhere to walk or excercise. There is not really anywhere around here to go. I want a treadmill, but can't afford one and don't have room.

  7. The treadmill makes me motion sick. Go figure.