Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's raining in the Midwest today, and we had a day of lawnscaping planned. I cooked breakfast for the family first thing. My hubby and son are building us a front porch this morning. They don't make houses like they used to, do they? A little concrete stoop just doesn't cut it for those of us who love the vintage look. One person said, "Oh, you're buiding a deck." No, excuse me, this is going to be a porch! Painted and everything. With room for wicker chairs.

Yesterday we selected and loaded old paving bricks from a salvage yard and those are going to make the walkways. So many plans, so few hands....

What's everyone doing on this holiday weekend?

Carol, profuse apologies. I found the book I hadn't mailed to you when I cleaned my office! It's on the way!


  1. I love a big porch! My Mom has a huge screened in back porch with tables and chairs and her artwork. I spend most of my time sitting out there when I visit. Her backyard is like a jungle and I love watching the birds and squirrels.

    I'm doing as little as possible this weekend. I definitely don't want to be on the road.

  2. I'm going to my youngest granddaughter's dance recital tonight and on Monday we are celebrating birthdays. We have so many that we group them together. This time it is my daughter's, my older granddaughter's and my daughter-in-law's birthdays.

    We had a small porch built on to our house after we moved in. I love to sit there and read.

    No problem about the book! I know you are busy. I'm just glad it didn't get lost in the mail. I hate it when that happens! lol

  3. That's the kind of sceened-in porch/patio we're going to have in the back, Mel. Your mom's sounds great!

    A good weekend for reading, Jennifer. The sun came out and it's now HOT here.

    I know what you mean about the birthdays, Carol. Seems like it's always someone's birthday when you have a large family.

    Minna, I hope you find time for somethng FUN -- but I'm sure your thesis will ROCK!!

  4. Both my grandparents had screened- in wrap-around porches, 1 in the city, 1 on the farm. The breeze cooled us in the days before A/C. I'm reading on our deck today Sun afternoon sharing Cheryl's sun (97 heatwave yesterday PM!!)under the shade of a 150 yr old bur oak. We are 45 min apart. Sat am was gloomy & overcast, but I enjoyed the raindrops on the roof of the 3rd floor bedroom while hearing the leaves rustling in the treetops, feeling like the Swiss Family Robinson (and I am part Swiss) and reading Roxanne Henke's 2nd book 'Finding Ruth' (1st is Always Anne) from the library. Think I'm going to buy my own copies; have last,#5 as a manuscript from a book review. They are KEEPERS and good to share. Like Mel, I'm doing as little as possible, enjoying 5 days off, after working 6 days a week all school year, except Christmas break. Will likely take a new neighbor from MD to small cemetary Mon for Memorial Day services. Robert & I heard a rock band Sat night, recognized half the songs, loud music, small crowd so not too smokey, but have to wash the clothes to get the smell out. He's glued to the tube for Indy races, but he did fix my new-to-me '95 Volvo station wagon so I will be driving a safe car with A/C & cruise again! Yahoo!! Was driving my son's car with no driver's door handle; talk about inconvenient!!! Selling it for parts. We will go to the Anchor Inn for outdoor music on the Missouri river tonight so 2 dates; just what our sons (18 & 23) thought we ought to do. Hope ALL your plans turn out well!!