Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This is a portion of my teacup collection. I've added different ones since I took this photo.


  1. How nice! I only collect coffee mugs!

  2. Neat collection! I collect things with Eeyore the donkey on them.

  3. Carol, I too collect coffee mugs; for the sayings ie: i love your mind! printed over I love your body repeated as a pattern with I love all of you! & a red heart on the inside-gift from hubby; You're outstanding in your field! with a cow lying on a chaise lounge, wearing sunglasses & a lei & other cows watching, chewing their cud- gift from work;
    5 from Hallmark 1)Fraidy Cat (cute kitten) byteophobia fear of computer programs; dataphobia, fear of computer printouts '84, 2)Kids--God love 'em! with a Bil Keane Family Circus cartoon "Look! There's a hole in the sky and I can see a little bit of heaven!"
    3)Somebunny loves you! Easter '85 4)A friend knows how to make you smile, A friend can make your day worthwhile. with cute critters laughing 5)Mom always says with 27 quotes. In '82- quotes about Dad. FarSide & Boynton cartoons & Snoopy "I hate it when it snows on my French Toast! 3 animals with their tails forming the handles: a black/white cow complete with udders, a cat and a raccoon with paw prints on the side. Life is like Golf- out of one hole and into the next. It takes a whole village to raise a child. 2 from Psalms with patriotic/angel & nature themes '82; 2006- Koffee with Kathy (Troccoli) Live Like You Mean it! and collectible promotion items like '75 Country Kitchen & Pizza Hut Nebraska Cornhuskers.This is __my idea of active sports with a rabbit in a adirondack chair under a flower umbrella sipping a drink. Plus Christmas Santa & snowman face mugs. It breaks my heart a bit when one chips so I try to recycle into a pencil holder, etc.