Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where have all the vowels gone?

Well, I'm once again going to be shopping for a new keyboard. I wear out keyboards. Usually at an average of two per computer. First the vowels go. There are no letters left on the tops of those keys. I know what they are when I'm typing, but I can't look down and tell you what those letters are. And then the entire left side is wiped free of letters--except Q.

Q X and Z are all bright and black and stand out from the rest of the worn off keys. Interesting how I must tap harder with my left hand. It doesn't make a difference if I keep my nails really short, either.

And this time--there are actually deep grooves in the most used keys. How is that for weird? This is a first. Wonder if they sell an industrial strength keyboard. Thank God I'm not wearing out the keys on my Alphasmart!!


  1. We have an ergonomic keyboard that is in the shape of a Vee, love it!
    Know I hit the keys harder than I need to since I learned on a manual typewriter so can easily imagine losing vowels from extreme use. Did you know letters were arranged so that the old-fashioned keys wouldn't strike each other when we were typing? Without them, we could rearrange the order for better stroking by stronger fingers; but then everyone would have to learn all over again. Guess the manufacturers won't do that just so people won't get carpal tunnel or tendonitis. Ms Trivia here!

  2. << Did you know letters were arranged so that the old-fashioned keys wouldn't strike each other when we were typing? >>

    Lou, I taught myself to type on my Grandma St.John's typewriter when I was a child. To this day I don't type correctly, but I type FAST! Over the years I've twice attempted to relearn correctly, but can't do it.

    And I used to get those old keys stuck together anyway.

    Then came the invemtion of whiteout. I bought it by the gallon. Do you realize most of our kids don't even remember a time before computers?

    Ms. I Remember When here.

  3. WOW Cheryl. I've never heard of anyone wiping out their keyboard. And I thought I was a hard typer. You must type really hard and be so engrossed in what you're writing you form grooves. I wouldn't wanna meet ya in a dark alley. lol!

  4. Yeah, I could just type a couple vowels onto someone's head and be done with them, eh! LOL

    Don't mess with me, I have a black belt in Type-kwando!

  5. "Type-kwando" I LOVE IT! HAHA! Very clever, Cheryl.

  6. Today (Sat) I saw a black Microsoft keyboard that was not only split Vee but slanted away from the typer, soft pads, the works! A co-worker had the tech guru find it to relieve her aching hands. Looked way cool! (black is my basic color that goes with ALL my rainbow variety of hues.) Next on my list after a new cell phone & back to a car with cruise & A/C.

  7. We all have our wish lists, don't we? The next thing I'm going to get is.........