Monday, April 03, 2006

What do you watch?

Every new television season I watch all the news shows to see what I like and then dismiss 90% of them. I am not a Lost fan. Could it move any more SLOWLY? They "lost" me toward the end of the first season after a few miles of film depicting the various expressions of the characters. Shock. Surprise. Anger. Jealousy. Could we move it along, people?

I'm also not a Desperate Housewives fan. I tried because everyone was talking about it and I didn't want to be square. I don't find the characters' behavior amusing. Not even intelligent or motivated. Count me not desperate enough to watch. I catch an episode every now and then because it comes on before my favorite show....

So what can I NOT live without watching? Gray's Anatomy. I laugh. The tempo moves so quickly that you can't take your eyes away or you'll miss a look or a remark. I can't wait to know whether or not Dr. McDreamy ditches that wife. I have to know when George forgives Meredith. PLEASE, George, please forgive Meredith! I'm not quite sure what's up with this new doctor interest of his, but I have to watch to find out. I care! I even bought the first season on DVD the day it came out and watched it. I had missed a show! LOL

I used to be a die-hard ER fan. I can catch you up on all the original characters and those for years. The last couple of seasons I've lost interest about half way through. If the writers would just ask ME I could tell them which characters to hook up and who to ditch. I could tell them they can't take a favorite character like John Carter and fix him up with a new person we don't care about from another country and expect us to CARE. So their baby dies--so what? We had no emotional investment. Give him someone interesting and deserving! They let so many wonderful opportunities for emotion slip away:

Mark Greene died and Elizabeth just moved away. What??
Carrie Weaver had a miscarriage and it was never mentioned again.
Carrie's love interest died. They just moved her on?
A helicopter fell on top of the Doctor We Love To Hate and we didn't get to see any reactions?? What?
Dr. Kovich boinks every female doctor and intern and patient's mother and -- WAIT! The writers have actually paired him up with Abby again! Someone we care about. One point for them.
However: in order to really give this guy conflict, what they've needed to do all along was pair him with a wonderful woman and put this woman and children in danger. Remember his backstory in Croatia? Couldn't save wife and children--feels helpless. If I was writing his story I'd be setting him up. Well, they sort of did it with Sam and her kid. Nobody cared. Now...with know she's pregnant, right?
I fear something bad. Anyone heard that she wants off the show or something? She just may be about to die. I hope not.
Oh no. Back to John Carter in Bolivia or wherever. Guess I'll read email tonight.

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  1. I enjoy watch Boston Legal and Monk. I don't watch much tv and I've never watched any of the reality shows.

  2. And I can't type. lol I meant to say I enjoy watching Boston Legal and Monk!

  3. I watch the CSIs, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Law and Order: SVU, Medium, and several other shows. I record the shows I like and watch them later because I don't like commercials that much.

  4. I enjoy watching Wycliffe, Midsommer Murders, Monk and the new series Bones, which looks like fun, too.

  5. I watch sewing shows, This Old House, Paula Deen, and West Wing reruns. I'm sure there's something psychologically wrong with that combination, but the protagonists seem to be the only personalities on TV I really like.

  6. I watch Bones, too, Minna! How Angel has changed, eh? LOL

  7. Liz, I like This Old House, too. My hubby and I watch HGTV in bed on Saturday nights. (Color us Mr. and Mrs. Excitement) We wore out Trading Spaces before it was such a mega hit. Now I like Moving Up and the house flip where they make improvements to sell.

  8. Carol, I love Candace Bergen but I just can't watch William Shatner. I do give the guy credit for reinventing himself.

  9. I wasn't sure I was going to like William Shatner but he is good in the part he plays. Betty White is on sometimes and she is good, too.

    Jennifer, I like all the Law and Order shows, too. I watch the repeats on USA.

  10. I was about to give up on TV...
    But now, Monday it's "The Apprentice" and "Medium", Tuesday it's "Sons and Daughters" (funny), Wednesdays it's "The Evidence", Thursdays it's "Will and Grace" and "My Name is Earl" (very funny)

    The weekends are for movies. 80's, on demand or owned.

    I used to be a big ER fan, too, Cheryl. Now, I've lost interest.

  11. I don't know, but I think it's my getting older that's taking my interests away from TV. I would get hooked on a show then all of a sudden I would just lose interest in them. Not sure what it is that makes me go bleeeacck.. It has happened with CSI, Medium, ER, Gray's Anatomy, Prison Break and now I'm feeling that way about Bones and House. Not sure what it is. I've turned to reality shows (Top Model, some apprentice, project runway) and to the cooking channel (love Rachael Ray's 30 minutes and $40 a day, Unwrapped --yes-even Iron Chef--I'm a real dork) and BBCA. I started watching Footballers Wives but I started with the end of the previous season so I can't keep up with the story lines. I'll have to play catch up. I'm also waiting for the next season of MI-5 on A&E. My one constant is Law and Order, the older seasons. The new seasons' offerings don't keep me as interested. Maybe it is the writing and the storylines going south but more often I think it's me--getting older and changing tastes.

  12. Marelou, I lost interest in all the CSIs and in Medium as well.

  13. My husband & I TiVo record Vegas (James Caan)& West Wing (this is last season.) Aaron Sorkin wrote Sports Night which was canceled when he started WWing. Robert gave me both SNites seasons on DVD if you want to borrow Cheryl. I like HGTV [Design on a Dime (under $1000 makeover),Making Cents (under $500 project), Divine Design with Candance, pregnant or not, she's great! I can record each one & store 5 or more episodes in the same slot/space ML, I agree--Rachael Ray rocks! She is so upbeat & I love traveling & eating. Now if I could just cook!]Trying to cut down on TV; rather read & enjoy outdoors, especially with 5 month old English setter. No reality shows and I'm not into music except rock & Christian, learning to like country so I appreciate Carrie Underwood & her "Jesus, Take the the Wheel."
    What is Candance Bergan in?

  14. Candace Bergan is on Boston Legal.

    My favorite role for her was in Miss Congeniality, though I did like Murphy Brown.