Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday, a day of recuperation

I have decided to take a day off before I need a day in rehab. I will come back to the work-in-progress with a fresh eye. It rained yesterday, but the sun is out bright and shiny today! Gorgeous Spring!

The Powers That Be selected a title for THE LAWLESS MISS HOLLIS (too many S's they said), so the book that will be released February '07 is titled THE LAWMAN'S BRIDE.

:::sigh::: I always defer to those who know what sells books, so I'm not gnashing my teeth or wailing or anything. I'm simply making room in my bank account for that big check!

So, you can probably guess where I'm going..........


  1. Aww...I liked your title...I will still be on the lookout for it next year!

  2. OK, I'll do the wailing for you...BUT THAT TITLE IS SOOOO GOOD!

    Have fun shopping. I can't wait to hear what you bought. You must tell. OH, and please pick me up a diamond or two. LOL!

  3. I meant to say in my first post...thanks for sharing! Let's see, I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and will then go shopping myself. I'm looking for some 0 gauge, stainless steel, circular barbells for my ears. And, I'll probably hit a bookstore or three. *g*
    Oh Goody! I hope that's a canary yellow you picked up for me. LOL!

  4. Cheryl, just ran across your "The Gunslinger's Bride" from Montana MAvericks series so they match like bookends.