Thursday, April 20, 2006

........simply irresistible.........

There are things I simply can't resist. There are things I love, but can say no to. Like my children. Like Skittles. Like purses that are way too expensive. But these other things....oh my. I know I'm not alone. Some of you probably even share these obsessions or have bigger ones of your own.

I love chocolate. I guess I've mentioned that. Can't say no. Can't say one. Can't even say one a day. Can't say maybe not. Can't stop. Can't get enough.

Jewelry counters lure me in with all the bling and glimmer. Rings, bracelets, earrings...gemstones, fake gems, gold, white gold, silver, I love it all. I wear it all. I love jewelry. (Pet peeve: People who pronounce it Julery.) Bobbles, charms, the danglier the better. I have a sterling charm bracelet with charms I've collected since junior high. (No, jewelry was not made of stone back then.) It's so heavy and jangly I sound like a tabourine wearing it. I've since started on a second I like to call the charm annex. I've also started charm bracelets for my daughters and oldest granddaughter. (Woops, I don't actually have children that old. My bad.)

Goodwills and garage sales send out some sort of sonar beam that draws my car into the parking lot like a magnet. There might be something there I can't live without, and how will I ever know if I don't stop??

I can't pass up a teacup and saucer or a teapot if it has roses on it.
The book and magazine section of the store has a flashing neon sign RIGHT HERE, CHERYL.

Pens. I love pens.
Shoes. I adore shoes.
Sales. I can save money!!!

What about you? What can't you resist?


  1. Books, chocolate, books, soft drinks, and books. LOL.

    Oh, have you seen the new Ice Cream flavored Skittles? I bought a pack, but haven't been brave enough to try them yet.

  2. I'm with you, Cheryl. I can't pass up jewelry (I love sparkly stuff), garage sales, books and magazines, and chocolate.
    LOL! And, I see that same neon sign..but with my name in it, of course.

    I also can't pass up bad boys..hmmmmmmm and contests! *wink*

  3. You know, Mel, I think it would be dangerous for us to spend a day together!

  4. Cheryl, don't forget office supply stores! At Staples, every day's like Christmas. :-)

  5. Oh yes, Liz! We don't have Staples, but we do have Office Depot and Office Max. All the pens and paper in one place! And software...oh my....

  6. LOL! I agree, Cheryl. But we would have so much fun! So, let's hit those yard/garage/estate sales with a vengeance. Then, it's on to B&N/Waldens/Borders. And, we'll wrap it up with trips to jewelry stores. *BG*

  7. Cheryl,
    Yard sale season (love that) should be starting soon.