Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sales on Saturday

No one complained, at least not to me, so I guess I can tell you about Saturday.

It rained. But it didn't matter a whit. We had so much fun. We've been eating so well, making wise food choices, but it was a fun day, so we splurged and each got a chocolate frosted doughnut and a coffee on the morning ride.

My daughter Jennifer knew an elderly lady in her small town who was selling her things and her MOTHER'S things, so that was our first stop. We did not pass GO; we did however collect $200. From the ATM. I bought six gorgeous cup and saucer sets for my collection. My favorite buy of the day. Also vintage linens, aprons, tablecloths--the floral kind--I make them into cottage-style chair cushions and throw pillows--all in mint condition. 25 cents each! Holy cow, I've paid far more at flea markets. Also got a couple of enamel pans.

Another thing I love are those oval or circular pics of girls in glass that gang from a brass chain. Bought one. The next are hard to explain if you've never seen them: they were often advertising pictures. They are framed with glass and that's it, no frame. The glass is beveled. Got one of a girl and two of scenery.

But a bid in on an antique stove. Hope to hear that it's mine.

Later in the day I got a chenille bedspread for two dollars. The lady had wanted four. When we got in the car, hubby told me that I needed for repent for stealing it from her. It would have easily sold for $45-60 at a flea market.

We bought an antique bed frame, the kind with skinny spindles that each have a flower design on the spindle. This one was painted white. We're going to use the headboard and footboard in our garden as trellises. The lady GAVE it to us for $20 because some of the slats were missing! Like I care! I will definitely take photos later in the season with flowers growing on it.

Wasn't any good jewelry. No dolls. That's okay, you get what you find.


  1. My husbands's aunt has found some beautiful things at garage sales. Because we work on Saturday mornings I really can't go to garage sales and they can be annoying when they are in our neighborhood. Last time our neighborhood had one I had to drive across our lawn to get out onto the road because our driveway was blocked.

  2. It's illegal to block a driveway. You could have called the police. We live near a big new Catholic high school. There is a huge parking lot, but once a year they hold a craft fair and venders and shoppers park along our street. No one has ever blocked our driveway, though!

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    I wish I had space to put things, or I'd be all over garage sales and craft fairs. Someday.

  4. I wish I had more space, too, Nicole. Many of my collections are stored right now. We have one of our daughters and a grandson living with us until the end of the year (she finishes a business degree then) and then we'll spread out a little more.

  5. I complained. LOL! Glad you had a good time, though. More treasure for Cheryl. I'm gonna start calling you the booty queen. Wait..*vbg*