Thursday, April 27, 2006

inquiring minds want to know

okay, so what DID I buy?

I started out making an exchange at Walmart and bought Vital radiance face primer and line-softening makeup, not that I have any lines or anything, it's simply preventative. (Should that have been preservative?) When I was there the other day I got a sample from a sample lady, tried it and liked it, so like the sucker I am, I went back to buy the stuff.

Then I took my coupons to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought the dryer balls that I'd seen in their ad. Someone had already told me about them. I've used them for 2 days now and they're great for jeans, towels, sweatshirt, stuff like that, but for anything that needs the static removed you still need a dryer sheet. Also got a Pasta Express that was in the flyer, too. You put your spaghetti in this long container, pour boiling water in, wrap it with an insulated thingie, and then drain it through the colander lid. Looked great--will let you know how it works.

DSW (my FAVORITE shoe store) was right across the lot, but I did not go look at shoes. Good girl. I did however look in a few clothing stores and bought a stack of T-shirts, several dressy shirts for under jackets or alone and...okay a ring. It was on sale, so how could I not. I came home and told my husband, "Look what you bought for me" and he said "Am I giving it to you today?" I hadn't bought a ring for a really long time. I don't have enough fingers is my only problem. I wear four rings on my thumb at all times--one of them was my great-great grandmother's wedding ring. Her name was Pready St.John. It's fat gold. The others are gold, white gold and copper, so they go with everything. I'm a mix and match kind of gal--now that silver is so popular I have silver jewelry, but not many silver rings. Have I ever mentioned I love gemstones? So besides the thumb, I wear three rings on my left hand and two on my right. I adore bracelets, too. Silver, gold, beads, charms, doesn't matter.

And watches. I have half a drawer full of watches. Minus the one that got flushed in a rest area somewhere in Iowa. (I'm sure I told that story in a past blog, right?)

This morning the garage sales tackled me on my way home after dropping my kindergarten grandson off at school. Last night the hubby asked, "Are you staying home tomorrow?" I intended to. LOL Who knew there'd be four sales right on the way home?

I bought Garfield books for the six-year old. He loves Garfield. Got a couple of old glass mixing bowls for 50 cents each that would have sold for $20 each at a flea market. Whoo hoo! I love to bake and cook using vintage bowls. I have a couple.

Oh! And one old gent had a shoebox of vintage spice tins! 5 cents each. Yes, I bought them all. Cleaned them up and set them across the back of my stove. All the shelves and spice racks were already full. You'd pay anywhere from a couple dollars to 10 or 12 at antique stores.

So those were my bargains. Now it's raining and I'm home--but I have to leave for another kindergarten Spring program at a different school.


  1. WOW! When you say you're going're going shopping! *g* You don't need face stuff, Cheryl. That's gilding the lily.
    We have so much in common! I wear and own a large amount of jewelry, too. I have my Dad's high school ring on my finger now. I giggled when you said you bought a ring. I wanna see it! Yea, I always wanna see people's jewelry. I look at people's rings when their hands are on a counter. lol! Great deal on those vintage spice tins. They are probably worth lots. No bookstore in the mix? Shame on you! Heehee...
    PS. I'm coming over for spaghetti.

  2. << That's gilding the lily. >>

    Okay, YOU'RE my favorite person this week!

    Wonder if I can scan the ring, Mel....

  3. Found a soulmate when I met Cheryl
    11/05-so much in common. When I got married 26 yrs ago, my one concern was giving up my left ring finger because I had some rings that only fit that one; my right was 1/2 size bigger. Haven't worn my beautiful big diamond for 12 yrs since I cut it off (the ring, not the finger!) due to weight gain. I often wear an amethyst on left since have several purple outfits, my FAVORITE color. But have some turquoise & silver from NM that run a close 2nd. I resisted temptation Fri & stayed away from a rummage sale; am working all day Sat so hope to avoid it again. REALLY trying to let go, rather than gather in. But I do enjoy those antique bargains!
    Cheryl, Buccaneer Bay is having 30 garage sales June 2-3. See you Fri? That Sat I'll be at Women of Faith in Omaha.

  4. :::blushing::: Oh, Cheryl. You always make me smile.

    What a sweet thing to say about Cheryl, Lucky. I have a gorgeous amethyst ring, too. Love the stone and color. Turquoise rocks! *no pun intended*
    I wish I could go to the garage sales with ya'll. I'm so jealous.
    *Gasp* stay away from a rummage sale? That's communism. LOL!