Friday, April 28, 2006

Dangerous Friday

It was raining. But there were a couple of garage sales on the way home from school drop off this am, so...the first thing I bought was a doll. She's an 18 inch Madame Alexander in her original dress, no shoes. I checked ebay - $12.99 for her shoes!! The doll is worth about $50. I paid $1.45. The lady who sold it to me said their whole neighborhood is having a sale next weekend. Way cool cause it's the RICH neighborhood. LOL I can't wait. Rich people either think their stuff is gold or they practically give it away. Mostly the latter. :-)

Came home and cleaned and arranged the storage rooms downstairs so I could put away Bunny World. Oh. I never mentioned I also collect bunnies for Easter. I have a village and about a billion bunnies. Vacuumed up the paper grass and dusted. Then. Hubby was home and asked, "Want to hit a few garage sales after lunch?"


Bought an Easter tree for tiny eggs and bunnies to hang on. Bought two 35th anniversary Barbies, a blonde and a brunette for $5 each! You know, replicas of the original Barbie with the black & white striped bathing suit and a pony tail? I LOVE them! I've long regretted still not having my own. They have joined the other dolls in my office curio. I should take a picture.

Moving right along...we hit a sale where they had closed a day care and were selling everything. I called my daughter who is OPENing a daycare on Monday and we bought all their mats, chairs, tables and an excersaucer -- the best kind ever with the bouncy legs, and just altogether cleaned up on her behalf. Now we have to take a two hour drive tomorrow morning to deliver the goods. LOL But that's okay because a little town called Battle Creek right near her is having their city-wide garage sales. Wow, did we plan that right or what?

What else...oh when I find interesting sterling silver necklaces cheap enough I buy them to use for charms for my bracelets. I got a cross. Threw away the chain. Bought a pretty pink heart necklace...hubby bought a flashy zircon ring. We laughed because it's just fun and funky but 24k gold. He'll wear it.

Oh--there was a guy selling stacks of leather boxed cleaning kits, the kind you get when you buy a leather sofa. Recognized them because we got one years ago with a leather sectional. Anyway I always loved that cleaner and conditioner for purses, so I bought a kit.

Man, I LOVE garage sales, it's the thrill of the hunt. You never know what you'll find at the next one.

Off to take care of things since I'll be gone all day tomorrow. The plan is to get up at 5 and hit the road at 6 so we can be there when the sales start. Whoo hoo! Rain or shine--actually rain is okay because people sell their stuff cheaper. We got GREAT deals today.

Okay, I promise not to talk about garage sales any more. I'll even THINK about a 12 step program if you complain enough.


  1. *THUD* OK, you need to stop. *g* You got some great stuff! See, that's why I said you should come to Newport for yard sales because everyone here is seriously rich! Except me of course. *g* You know this is where all the mansions are don't you, Cheryl? "New York's millionaire-socialite set "discovered" the island around 1880 and 50 to 75 room summer "cottages" were going up." Taken from "Best Read Guide" Newport.
    Sigh. As they man's trash is another man's treasure.
    I hunt for black amethyst depression glass and have found some really cheap because the home owner had no clue. I mostly look for depression glass, books and jewelry. Books first! lol!
    I said it once and I'll say it again...I'M SO JEALOUS. I wanna go with!

  2. Well, I'm obviously going to have to plan a trip to Newport!

    Black amethyst drepression glass--do you have a photo of your collection? It sounds extraordinary.

    I have several pieces of pink depression glass and a set of yellow plates. They don't go with anything, I just have them. *g*

  3. That would be awesome, Cheryl! I'd love to meet you.

    I could probably send you a picture with the camera in my new black RAZR phone. Ahhh, it's so sleek and purty. The phone, that is. LOL!
    My pieces of depression glass are all from different patterns. I had to sell a lot of it to my sister back in '99. I was broke and needed the moolah. She's going to give it back I think. I hope! I had plates that matched, drinking glasses that matched. *sigh*

    Have you ever looked up your glass to see how much each piece is worth?

  4. I haven't looked them up, but I do pay attention when I'm at flea markets and antique stores to see the prices on items I have. So I have a pretty good idea of what my stuff is valued at. I have an etched glass bowl that was my aunt's, very delicate and lovely. I've always used it for family dinners--just slap a salad or something in it and stick it on the table. Won't do that again. Saw it at a flea market with similar pieces and it's worth a few HUNDRED dollars!! Who knew?