Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Do not use the words "gift" and "major appliance" in the same breath!

What is it with men and appliances? Anything with a cord, they come unglued over. Men are thrilled with power tools under the Christmas tree. Am I right?


It's been the rule in our house since the dawn of time that anything that plugs in is NOT A GIFT! I repeat not a gift. If it plugs in, it means work, not pleasure. (There are a few exceptions, in the form of stereos, computers or special requests.) So when my husband mentioned the other day that I might want to start thinking about one big thing we could buy for Christmas, my mind had a happy dance. I know I'm not the only woman in the world who adores gifts. I love presents! Love to give them, love to get them. I sort of felt him out with a couple of suggestions.

Then he told me he'd been thinking along the lines of a stove.

Excuse me? A major appliance is not a Christmas gift. Not in any way, shape or form. Did he change into Tim Allen when I wasn't looking? Do I suddenly look like a woman who'd rather cook than say, wear a diamond bracelet, hmm? What was he thinking?

So tell me: What's your opinion on "presents" that plug in?


  1. I guess it kind of depends on what type of "present" with a plug it is. I do not mind if it is for leisure activities such as a tv, dvd player, vcr, or a Tivo. My parents gave me a TV last year and I enjoy watching it.

    My dad is bad about getting gifts for my mom and then being the one to use them the most (such as televisions and hair dryers). My brother is the same way with his wife. He actually bought WebTV one year for her for Mother's Day...she used it once and he used it the rest of the time.

  2. At my house, I don't get a new appliance unless the old one dies... Or I put it on my Christmas list, LOL! This year the two top items on the list are a new microwave and a new vacuum cleaner. I know, I know!!! A vacuum cleaner just sounds like work, but trust me. It's twice as much work trying to get the old one to do a good job. I thought it had died about a year ago. I was doing a little happy dance. "I get a new vacuum!" NOT. My hubby, talented man that he is, fixed it. *#@*!!!!

    And I'm convinced that the 15 year old microwave is never gonna die!

    But don't worry, Cher. There is also perfume and a new watch on my list.

  3. << There is also perfume and a new watch on my list. >>

    You had me worried there.

  4. An appliance is okay if you request it from him. My husband does great when I tell him what I want. The problems occur when he comes up with ideas on his own. Also, he is color blind which has led to some pretty interesting clothing choices.

    The truth is that he has that he has spent many hours on some of the presents that he has bought. When he bought me a digital camera he spent hours on the internet researching it and he has never used the camera but he wanted to get me exactly what I wanted. To me that was the present.

  5. My fiance is a fantastic handyman. If he wants something that plugs in that's fine by me cause I know he'll use it. But, I agree, Cheryl no plug ins as presents.

    Hope you get that diamond bracelet. *G*

  6. Heard this when we met in Feb. All I can say is I count my blessings that hubbie cleaned 2 lbs (16" x 16" deep) of dryer lint out of the flexible hose. You have NO idea how much nicer it is to have clothes dry the first time instead of 2-3 cycles. Glad he's handy, sorry he's a procrastinator. He gives flowers for occasions AND
    non-occasions! I have TWO sets of amethyst earrings & necklace which are my favorite stones. Yes, I'm Lucky Lou; but I do like practical gifts. How's that for waffling?