Monday, October 19, 2015

ANNOUNCING: Cheryl St.John's Great Christmas Tree Tour 2015

Yes, you read it right. I've had people asking when the tour will be revived, so 2015 is the year. Whoo hoo!

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas I'll share your photos of your Christmas trees, your special tree ornaments or any decorations you'd like to share, along with a little bit about you or your Christmas traditions.

Send me an email to sign up for a date. Select two or three dates and I'll start scheduling. As the dates fill I'll post availability or work with you to find a date. If the schedule fills up, I'll do two a day. Everyone who wants to share is welcome.

Readers - I LOVE READERS! I've had lots and lots of readers share their trees.
Friends - You know I love you. Send pictures.
Authors - Include info and a link to your newest books and we'll promote books.
Editors - Readers and authors enjoy seeing your decor at home and at the office.
Acquaintances - We might not be friends yet, but we will be. I just love Christmas trees.

Please follow my blog now. You can follow or you can sign up for emails. I'll give tips on tree decorating, how to take the best photos, etc.. The blog will share to Facebook, so a lot of people will see your Christmas trees.

During November I'll be sharing a month of being grateful, so jump in.