Saturday, September 11, 2010

Barbie Day: wish you were here

Here's what Alexis and I did Saturday afternoon. 

And took pictures!

Yes, we played Barbies. No, they're not hers; they're mine.( Note the 80s and 90s dolls. I have New Kids on the Block and Spice Girls, too. lol) We fixed their hair and dressed them in out of style clothes and laughed a lot.


  1. i wondered about some of their hair and make up, lol
    you took really good care of your barbies!
    mine have scraggle hair...some chopped off

  2. And I don't even know where my Barbie doll is! When I got this idea to start knitting clothers and stuff for Barbies from the left over yarn, I had to get myself a Barbie doll by swapping some junk for one, as I had lost mine a long time ago. Hey, one man's garbage is another man's treasure, after all. And now I swap the things I've made for other stuff.

  3. Yes, some of them are very outdated, but still well loved. And this isn't even all my Barbies. Several are in my office curio. I'll snap those later.

  4. Wow! Great looking Barbies! I have all of mine from when I was a child. They are lovingly packed in a couple of totes. I take them out once in awhile and check them over. If I find old ones at yard sales, I've been known to snap them up! I don't have a daughter, but maybe someday I will have a granddaughter to pass them all down to.

  5. Thanks for posting the pics of your collection. I bet your granddaughter will cherish the memories of playing 'Barbie' with Grandma. Sigh, I loved mine when I was a kid.