Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I laughed so hard when I watched this. The best laugh I've had all week. Our very first PC was an Apple with no hard drive, people. Let me say that again: No hard drive. All the programs and saved files were stored on floppy disks. But we had us an Oregon Trail game, but golly, and we thought we were all that.

I can remember laughing so hard with my kids as we played. The funniest game ever was when our dog, Gizmo, got dissentary and died.  I think I fell off the chair in tears. You'd get a little message that said who was sick and who died, etc., and depending on the fake or real names you made up to play, you never knew who would make it to Oregon.

Oh my gosh. If you're at least thirty, let me know if you laugh as hard as I did.


  1. I'm pretty sure I had a character named Poop Face when I played too! LOL!

  2. Oh, Stephanie, you made me laugh all over again. LOL

    Yep, here lies good old poop face.

  3. And okay, so I'm watching this over just for the laughs ... and the questions are burning: WHO made this? And how? It's pretty elaborate - the town setting, the horses and wagons - like maybe a living history farm? And why? What do they get out of it? Just the fun and the laughs and a million YouTube hits? Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. THIS IS SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I am 53, so I guess my kids must have played this in school (the "educational version")because I remember them talking about it and we didn't own it yet. Seems like I got it for them at one point though...I think this is just hysterical. Thanks so much, Cheryl! I love it when the old guy is saying, "You'll die on this trail...there's Injuns...horrors I dare not tell..." LOLLOL
    Cheryl P.

  5. We used to play this. The ONLY video game we had at one time.

    I died so many times.

    I killed my children.

    I remember one time being stuck in some dark, dark PLACE too sick and poor to go on, but not even die. It was an eternity...stuck on the trail.

    I think I had to unplug the computer to end it all.

  6. I know we played it at school...and I think we laughed a lot. Much like this video. However, when our family really did get to Oregon in real life, we paused to think about what the pioneers went through. And let's not forget old Poop Face.

  7. funny, Cheryl! We had that game too and I actually downloaded a copy for my smartphone for my kids to play when we are on car trips or waiting in line at the bank, etc...they love it! I think I still have a copy for the PC here somewhere...I must dig it out for the kids.

    I nearly fell off my chair laughing, Stephanie, over the poop face commment!

  8. oh my goodness---this brings back some good/frustrating memories!
    they still make oregon trail? is is xp compatible? lol
    i would love to give it a whirl now--see if i can actually make it
    i so laughed about buying all the think that's what i did

    rip poop face and mac and cheese

    ps--i agree cheryl--who has the money to make this...i mean--it's funny...but it could have gone for more bullets or something

  9. Oh goodness, our first computer was an Apple also. Big ole thing! We played the Oregon Trail too! We thought we had the latest thing I guess. Brings back memories.