Friday, June 11, 2010

Charlene Sands: Seduction on the CEO's Terms

He’d returned to Napa Valley strictly to help run the family winery…not be distracted by a

beauty on the staff. CEO Joe Carlino had made the mistake of indulging in an office romance once before, and everything about Ali Pendrake practically screamed “make me your woman!”

Frustrated that her boss was judging her solely by her looks, Ali committed to a total reverse makeover. Ironically, when she transformed from glittery Cinderella to mousey plain-Jane, she really caught the wealthy bachelor’s eye. Yet as they moved from boardroom to bedroom, she wondered if Joe would ever see—or love—the real Ali.

A Note from Charlene : Sometimes, fariy tales do come true! Seduction on the CEO's Terms is a fun, fast-paced story about a Clark Kent type hero, (that would be Joe Carlino) who turns into Superman when necessary and a very feisty Cinderella heroine,(that would be Ail Pendrake) who transforms into Plain Jane at the ball, to catch the hero's eye. And you thought Shrek had romance!! What's even better, I have a coupon on my website good for FREE SHIPPING for anything you buy on Eharlequin for the month of JUNE.


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