Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rockin' My Birthday

Here's what I got from my critique group for my birthday! I am loving it. I got a docking station and listen to music in my office. Also downloaded The Tudors and can stay current. And I just got my first audio book!

Cool features...
Video camera: The new built-in video camera is ready for anything. Yet iPod nano is the same ultraportable size — perfect for spontaneously shooting video. (I only have to figure out how to get it from the ipod into here for you. :-) )

Stunning design: A brilliant polished anodized aluminum finish comes in nine electrifying colors. And the 2.2-inch color display is larger for your viewing pleasure.

Genius Mixes: This new feature acts as your personal DJ, searching your iTunes library to find songs that go great together and making new mixes automatically.

FM radio with Live Pause: Rock out with a built-in FM tuner and two innovative new features — Live Pause and iTunes Tagging.

And the real red? They ordered it direct from the Apple online store. It's not available anywhere else. I feel special. Oh, and they had the back engraved. It reads: Property of Big Bad Bama.  lol

Thank you!!


  1. Sweet!

    My birthday was last Saturday. I like the red one too. When shall I expect delivery? ::grin::

  2. Happy Birthday!! I had no idea *wink*

    That's really cool that they did that for you! I have the old (3rd generation?) iPod Nano. Before that I had the previous generation (maybe the 2nd!). This shape is the same as the 2nd generation. My 3rd generation is a square size. I like it because it has a bigger screen! I don't think I'd want to go bck to this shape (especially because the screen seems to small), but I love some of the features it has on it!

    If I get a new iPod, I think I'll get an iPod Touch. My sis has one and it's amazing!

    I really like the red. And it's awesome that they had it customized for you! If I had my choice, I'd get a shade of purple.....!!

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!!!

  4. That is awesome! I hope you had the best Birthday ever hon. BIG HUGS!!!