Wednesday, April 07, 2010

American Idol Recap and Prediction

McCartney and Lennon night is the best with any other group of potential Idols...this group? Not so much.

Michael Lynche's version of Eleanor Rigby was passable. He does have a great voice. Crystal Bowersox did a good job with didgeridoo accompaniment to Come Together. Katey Stevens was okay singing Let It Be. Nothing to write home about. Siobhan Magnus took the judges' advice and didn't scream a note throughout Across the Universe, which was refreshing. Lee Dewyze tied for my favorite, singing Hey Jude, but I could have lived without the bagpipes.

The other winner in my book was Casey James' Jealous Guy. He has a trilling vibrado that is sometimes Tiny Tim-ish over the top, but I can overlook it because the rest of his delivery is so polished and smooth.

Aaron Kelly's pitch was all over the place, and he was his usual awful self with The Long and Winding Road. Andrew Garcia somehow managed to make Can’t Buy Me Love boring.

I knew Tim Urban would do okay with All My Lovin', but he isn't Idol material. He's there because the young girls think he's cute. And he is, but this is 2010, and there's no room for a David Cassidy wannabe. But I predict he'll stay another week or so because of the cute factor.

The bottom three tonight? I predict Aaron Kelly (please!), Andrew Garcia and maybe Katey.

There isn't a Jordin Sparks or a Carly Smithson in the bunch.


Off to find my Beatles 1 CD and purge my ears.


  1. I enjoyed the night with three of my favorite instruments--the cello, the didgeridoo, and yes, the bagpipes. The singing was okay. I think my fave of the night was Casey--and partially because he chose a song that isn't so easily recognized. The vibrato bugs me though.

    No matter, I like Big MIke. Lee's doing okay, but he's one of those people who just don't do it for me. big comment while watching it was that they've been calming down the "brady bunch" look of his hair. Thank goodness.

    and here Siobhan didn't scream and they thought it was slow and boring. Sometimes you can't win.

  2. I don't think Katey will be in the bottom three. Last night was one of her best nights. I think maybe Tim will be...not sure. I don't really like him.

    I agree, lizzie about Lee. He's like a David Cook/Danny Gokey wannabe (in looks for both and sound more like DC). He just irritates me....

    I like Big Mike. He's like a teddy bear! LOl!

    I liked Crystal's performance. It was different for her, you could tell that she was genuinely having fun.

    The biggest thing that bugs me (and DEFINITELY my sister) about Aaron is that he for sure wants to be David Archuleta (who's on the show tonight!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!). He will never be as good as David, yet he does look like him and have a similar style. I mean, come on, his Long and Winding Road campared to David's....I wonder who's was better!?

    Siobhan's song almost made me fall asleep. I agree she should've stayed away from the screaming notes, but she went a little too far in the other direction.

    I don't really care either way with Andrew. Some weeks I enjoy him other weeks I don't. He could stay a couple more weeks and it wouldn't really matter to me. There are definitely others I'd rather have out of the competition.

    So, there's my thoughts!! Nice talking to you again : )

  3. I blogged today about my
    Top Five, or the ones I predict will get into the Top 5. Facebooked it too. Here they are in no particular order.

    Lee and Crystal are my favs, but Casey sounded PERFECT last night IMHO. The right song and emotion. Besides he's a hottee. Crystal is always very good.
    All in all though, I don't see another Carrie Underwood here, or Daughtry or Jennifer Hudson. This year the talent doesn't Wow me.