Monday, February 08, 2010

What's new? My HP All-in-One, Rock Band, Avatar

My new all-in-one printer/copier,scanner, fax arrived today! It's lovely. About half the size of my previous one,  (which is now moving to the music room at church to make copies and enlargements for songs when needed). I haven't had much time, but have all the software loaded and have run a few test copies. It's dreamy, and I got a blessing of a deal.

Am reading my RITA books for judging this month. I can't tell which ones they are. Judges are sworn t secrecy. :-)  And am almost finished with Margaret Brownley's A Lady Like Sarah. I am so glad that MB is writing westerns again. I'm enjoying the story a lot.

What else? It's bitterly cold in Nebraska. It snowed yet again over the weekend and turned to slick slush because the temps wavered at about 34. It's now 9 degrees with a whippin' wind chill factor.

I've been on a coffee-drinking binge, and Jamaica Me Crazy is all that fits the bill. A little sweetener and a little cream...yum. My teapots are getting a brief break.

Played a couple sets of Wii Rock Band with the kids yesterday. I'm terrible at the country songs, because I don't know that many of them, but I kick butt on the rock and roll. Alexis and Kristin and I decided to watch Mulan, because we hadn't seen it for ages. Jay joined us and Elijah played with Legos and half-watched. Of course we sang along with our favorite songs! Let's get down to business--to defeat--the Huns! Love it.

Forgot to mention we saw Avatar a couple Sundays ago. I loved it so much I want to see it again while it' still in theaters.


  1. My mom gave me Rock Band for my birthday and it's so nice to have something my son enjoys doing as a family with us. Though personally, I think I would have more fun with a Pop Band. :-) -- willaful

  2. Willa, I want the Beatles game! How great would that be?