Thursday, August 13, 2009

You know how I love babies--watch this one grow

A Year of Lex is the brainchild of Zachery Bir and Amber Smirnow of Richmond, VA. The couple, both 35, started photographing their son, Alexander, the day he was born, taking one photo each day for an entire year.

"Some friends of ours have a nicely framed set of monthly pictures of their daughter, showing her growth through her first year," Bir told ParentDish via email. "I thought that would be a great project, and I wanted to try my hand at a year's worth of daily shots. We also took weekly shots (every Wednesday) and monthly shots (on the 30th of each month and the 28th of February)."

Bir and Smirnow did minimal staging for the photos; they just let Lex do his infant thing, which included laughing and crying and messing with the props they provided, while the parents focused on the overall quality of the photos.

Here's their blog:

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  1. They grow so fast, that first year I think is the fastest and they learn just as fast, already knowing how to get by little naughty things by you. I have 3 small great-granddaughters and they are just so full of themselves when they learn how to do something. So sweet