Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dancing With the Stars Cast Announced - WHO??

Aaron Carter -- Younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. His family was the focus of the E! realist series "House of Carters."

Natalie Coughlin -- first American female athlete to win six medals at a single Olympiad in 2008.

Mark Dacascos -- a couple movies and The Chairman on Iron Chef.

Tom Delay -- The Hammer? a politian with indictment charges

Macy Gray -- five Grammy nominations and a couple movies

Ashley Hamilton -- actor, songwriter and comedian and George Hamilton's son.

Melissa Joan Hart -- Sabrina the Teenage as well as Lifetime and ABC Family movies. The name is familiar. I'll recognize her when I see her

Kathy Ireland -- former supermodel - I've heard of her and will recongize her

Michael Irvin -- NFL legendary Dallas Cowboy wide receivers and a couple TV spots

Joanna Krupa -- model and actress

Chuck Liddell -- light-heavyweight champ, The Iceman

Debi Mazar -- plays publicist Shauna on the Entourage

Mya -- Grammy winner and Chicago co-star\

Kelly Osbourne -- daughter of Sharon and Ozzy and star of "The Osbourne, released several albums - Okay, her I have heard of

Donny Osmond - currently performing at the Flamingo in Las Vegas with Marie - TV, Broadway, movies Finally! Someonw who is actually a star!

Louie Vito - professional snowboarder favored to make the 2010 Olympic team.

Well, there go my dreams for David Boreanaz. Could they let me do the casting next time? *lizzie, will you help me? Of course you will. And we would come up with stars we'd actually like to see dance!


  1. I think they should rename the show--Dancing with the Minor Celebrities.

    Of course I'll still watch it. I'm so easy.

  2. Oh, Phyl, you are a crack up!


    I told my friend Rebecca Ryan I was a Donny Osmond fan, and she asked if I called it puppy love. ARGH!!

  3. You're right Phyl... Dancing with the D list...
    But I already have two favorites. Donny Osmond of course. Oh, I so remember the D&M Show. LOL

    And Mark Dacascos. I am an Iron Chef fan from way back.

    It'll be interesting in any case.

  4. Oh, my gosh, Cheryl! I don't think my heart could take watching David Boreanaz dance! Sigh... Fans self just thinking about it. :)

  5. lizzie starr I like your title better: Dancing with the D List. It has a ring to it.
    Sorry, but I cannot jump on the Donny bandwagon. I'm still mad over the way Marie kept sucking up to the voters. She should've been booted earlier in that season.
    Seems to me the snowboarder dude (who I've never heard of) would have the athleticism to be a good dancer. That could be interesting.

  6. Karen, there is a darling movie called Mr. Fix It - have you seen it? David Boreanaz is a cello player--I think its a cello--and he has a con job where he gets women to go back to their boyfriends. He's so sexy in the role.

  7. I haven't watched it yet, Cheryl, but I picked up that DVD when I saw David on the cover. Same thing with "I'm With Lucy" (I believe that's the title). I really have to get going on watching them! David just makes me happy. :)

  8. Every year I think the line-up isn't very good, and then I get hooked. Not too many real recognizable names but I bet it'll be a good season. I'm so ready!!