Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cool Stuff: Lid Lifters

I gave up electric can openers several years ago. My daughters never used them because they don't like counter clutter (not a problem for me) but I always hated cleaning them and cleaning around them and a hand opener is just more convenient, I discovered after how many years.

But I always like a cool new gadget, so when I saw the Kuhn Rikon safety lifters in a magazine, I had to check them out online. At there were several really cool choices, including one called a ratchet safety lid lifter, especially handy for lefties and easy on the wrists. But I fell for this one.

However, once I saw the shipping price (free shipping over $99.), I checked out amazon. Lo and behold--cheaper by $5-10 and eligible for free shipping with a $25. order. I keep things in my wish list just so I can bring an order to $25. or $30. for the free shipping. So I added Victorian paperdolls.

Yes, you heard me right. Besides a love for paperdolls since childhood, these are fabulous for costuming characters, because of the detailed descriptions of clothing. I own many already and add to the collection one at a time this way.

So anyway, the advantages of the lid lifter I chose:

* Automatically attaches to can
* Leaves no sharp edges
* Touchless system keeps hands off of lids
* Cutting wheel never contacts food
* Lids do not drop into can

Sounds pretty cool, eh? Can't wait for it to arrive.


  1. Cool! You'll have to let us know if it works!

  2. I will be anxious to hear how you like it. My countertop can opener is about 30 years old, and I wonder whether to get another one when it finally dies. It would be nice to free up a litte counter space.

  3. I don't use an electric can opener either.
    Please let us know how this works for you.

  4. As for me I like the electric can opener with a knife sharpner, but I would love the paper dolls, I used to play with them all the time when I was a young girl, and when my Mama could not buy me any I would take the old Sears Robuck catalog and cut them out of there and then find clothes and play that way. I would take a box and cut curtains and furniture of of the catalog and make a house for them. we did all kind of stuff back in the 40s and 50s. so long ago but not so long as I still feel like that same little girl but with a 66 year old body,


  5. My sister just sent me a battery operated can opener. It looks like a large egg. You set it on top of the can turn it on and goes around the top edge and doesn't leave a sharp edge. Its small enough to just through down in a drawer and doesn't clutter the counter tops. I like it pretty well.